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 Rin'negan and the Eight Gates

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PostSubject: Rin'negan and the Eight Gates   Rin'negan and the Eight Gates Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 7:28 pm

1; The Gate of Opening- C Rank(Kaimon), located behind the left eye. Removes the restraints of the brain and nerves, allowing for quicker reaction and acting times, meaning one can dodge easier, and hit faster. This allows for the user's initial Celestial Taijutsu.

2; The Gate of Healing- B Rank (Kyūmon), located in the brain. This increases one's physical strength and allows them to almost completely ignore minor pain in the body.

3; The Gate of Life- B Rank (Seimon), located on the spinal cord. This grants tremendous strength and yet more speed, speeding up the pulse, heart rates and nerves with ease. The increased blood flow turns the skin red.

4; The Gate of Pain- B Rank (Shōmon), located on the spinal cord. Increases the user's speed and power more again, but can cause muscles tissue to tear on use. The user can also ignore even heavy pains, and will not bleed unless hit by a blade, or explosion based attack at least 2 Ranks higher than them. It is possible for A-Rank Ninja to open this Gate immediately, without opening the previous 3.

5; The Gate of Limit- A Rank(Tomon), Located in the abdomen, enhances the effects of the above, and allows for gravity-defying movements in the air-- the user must be movng in order to perform this feat. They can not stop in the air, and then move again before landing. This allows for the user's second Celestial Taijutsu.

6; The Gate of View- A Rank(Keimon), per above. Located in the stomach. Opening of this gate releases such large amounts of chakra that it can cause nearby water or dirt/dust/sand etc. bodies to form a vortex around the user. With this, the user's Chakra is increased by an A-Rank amount. This can only be opened for 4 Posts however, and after that the user will fall unconscious.

7; The Gate of Wonder- S Rank(Kyōmon), per above. Located below the stomach. This increases the Strength, Speed and Chakra of a user by 2, however this can only be opened for 2 posts-- after that, certain death awaits the user.

8; The Gate of Death- S Rank(Shimon), located at the heart. Releasing this gate uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate, granting five times the user's ORIGINAL(ie. before using any of the above Gates) speed, Strength and Chakra. Add that to the previous Gates, and you have one powerful mofo. This gate allows for the user's ultimate Celestial Taijutsu. This Gate can only be opened for 20 seconds however. The organs are all completely destroyed except for the brain, so the body relies on the Chakra System which will have erupted with power, as well as the Nerve System. The body us basically dead, but with hundreds more nerves running at hundreds of times their normal speed, along wth the immense Chakra pushed into each segment of the body, it can be held together, even being able to hold together when it should be blown to bits or sliced with a blade, After 20 seconds, the user dies

All users of the Celestial Gates are granted 3, extremely powerful Taijutsu. These are the Initial Celestial Taijutsu, the Second Celestial Taijutsu, and Ultimate Celestial Taijutsu. Examples would be the Morning Peacock, Primary Lotus and Hidden Lotus.
NO Canon Celestial Jutsu are allowed! This means users must create their own Celestial Jutsu. Apart from the 6th, 7th and 8th Gates, the rest can be opened for a max of 6 posts before the user falls unconscious.
There IS an exception to the 7th Gate's "Certain Death after 2 Posts" rule-- permission can be granted by ME to let you live after 2 posts for the 7th Gate, instead allowing you to deactivate the Gates on the 4th post, meaning 3 posts of Celestial, overpowered action!
This will generally only be granted during storylines to give your character a more Heroic moment where they did the impossible. Outside of the Storyline, it won't be happening much unless the Roleplaying Quality in the fight has been spectacular. Yeah..... that's a big word.


Rin'negan Info And Rules
Having the Rin'negan Doujutsu means that you must forfeit all Specs. Instead, you can start with 1 Jutsu from any Spec and after that, you can learn Jutsu belonging to ANY Spec IC. You also get all 5 elements and, at S+ Rank, any canon Advanced element. You can also learn Jutsu of 1 Rank above yours. Having the Rin'negan does NOT allow you to use Chakra Receivers, however any Rin'negan users within a 20 metre radius of you will share your vision, as you will share theirs.
There can be a maximum of 3 Rin'negan Users in the site! Rin'negan users MUST belong to the "Clan"(Though it isn't really a Clan) named the "Sage's 6 Descendants".

Chakra Receivers Rule And Info
The Chakra Receivers can ONLY be obtained with special permission by an admin. With these, the user is able to implant Chakra Receivers into up to TWO corpses. The user MUST have been the person that killed the victim, and they can ONLY be implanted In-Roleplay-- Not in Off-RPG Spars. If and when 2 corpses have had Chakra Receivers implanted, the user has the unique advantage of having 3 characters. HOWEVER-- their original character is the ONLY one that has Jutsus, elements etc. The two "Drones" can each only have one ability which is chosen by the user. These Abilities must be unique, but not overpowered, and both of the "Drones" can not have the same ability, or even simiar abilities. All three can be controlled in a Roleplaying topic.

Ninja of A-Rank or higher are the only ones that may use Chakra Receivers, and the Corpses that they Implant the Receives into must be of equal rank or lower.
Only 1 Rin'negan user will be given Chakra Receivers, the rest must be non Rin'negan users. In total, there can only be 3 characters on the site with chakra receivers.
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Rin'negan and the Eight Gates
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