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 Uchiha and Hyuuga Guide

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PostSubject: Uchiha and Hyuuga Guide   Uchiha and Hyuuga Guide Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 7:19 pm

Sharingan Rules
The Sharingan comes in 4 stages, but Genin to Chunin Ranks may only start with 1 Tomoe;

Name: Sharingan- One Tomoe
Spec: NA
Element: NA
Rank: C
Description: This requires the Uchiha Bloodline to use- the user's eyes will include one of the three Tomoes for the Sharingan Copy Wheel. At this stage, the user has advanced visual awareness, and can spot movement, or disturbances in Chakra slightly better than the average Ninja, allowing them to spot clones with ease. This can be sustained for 10 posts by the user, with D rank amount of Chakra being subtracted every 3 posts.

Name: Sharingan- Two Tomoe
Spec: NA
Element: NA
Rank: B
Description: This stage of the Sharingan adds a second Tomoe to the Copy Wheel. The user gains the ability to follow physical movements very accurately, and also increases the effect of the One Tomoe stage.
This can be sustained for 10 posts, with a C Rank amount of Chakra being subtracted every 4 posts.

Name: Sharingan- Three Tomoe
Spec: NA
Element: NA
Rank: B
Description: At the final stage of the Sharingan Copy Wheel, the effects of the previous Tomoe is doubled, meaning they can spot even the tiniest detail of movement or disturbances in Chakra, though not to the extent of seeing Chakra like the Hyuuga Clan. With the ability to follow movements being doubled, the user can now predict movements slightly before they happen, giving them an extra few split seconds to move or block it. The user can also see the likes of Handsigns or Taijutsu movements and match them perfectly AS LONG AS THE USER MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE JUTSU. This means that a user with Ninjutsu as their Basic Speciality cannot copy Taijtsu, and someone without it as an element cannot copy a water Jutsu. This state can be maintained for 8 posts, with a C rank amount of Chakra reduced every 3 posts. Jutsu in the category of your Tertiary Spec can NOT be copied-- you don't have enough expertise in it to copy such attacks. Handbook Jutsu cannot be copied either.

Name: Mangekyou Sharingan
Spec: Ninjutsu and/or Genjutsu
Element: NA
Rank: A
Description: The Mangekyou is the ultimate form of the Sharingan, granting the user three, extremely powerful Jutsu that are each unique to that person. The three Jutsu are; a Ninjutsu(Amaterasu), a Genjutsu(Tsukiyomi), and a spiritual Summon(Sus'sanoo). None of the Canon abilities may be used- they must all be custom! Also, havng the Mangekyou alone doesn't allow you to use the Genjutsu Tech unless Genjutsu is one of your specs! The same can be said for the Ninjutsu technique, however the Summon requires no Spec. As well as this, the Mangekyou maintains all of the abilities of the Three Tomoe Sharingan. The only way to obtain the Mangekyou is IC, and it requires you to either kill your best friend OR witness their death. When you feel you have met these requirements, the staff will look over you relationship with the other user's character to decide if it's valid.
This state can be maintained for 8 posts, with a C Rank amount of Chakra being subtracted at every one of the user's posts, as well as an S rank Chakra loss for using one of the three Techniques gained with the Mangekyou.

Using the Mangekyou is a huge strain AND a huge risk however, as after 3 uses the user will begin to suffer mildly blurring vision, causing minor details to be hard to see properly. After 5, the blurring will be increased, making minor details VERY hard to see, and after 8 uses they will begin to see double along with heavily blurred vision that makes it impossible to make out minor details, and also makes harder details much harder to see. Upon the end of the 10th use, the Uchiha will be rendered completely blind. No exceptions. The only way to prevent these side effects is to use the eye of another Sharingan user. They must have AT LEAST a 3-Tomeo Sharingan, and must be alive when you remove the eyes-- they CAN be unconscious and even close to death, just not DEAD. Also, gaining this permanent Mangekyou ONLY prevents future side effects-- all current side effects will remain, meaning it cannot cure blindness.

Name: Izanagi
Spec: --
Element: --
Rank: S+ Rank
Description: This acts as a sort of "Mode" for the Uchiha user. With this, they can briefly turn reality into Illusion and vica-versa, meaning an incoming attack could be turned into a simple Genjutsu, or a horrific Genjutsu could be turned into a real, physical entity. Due to the sheer power of this Jutsu, it has been branded Kinjutsu, so it is not "Taught" to Uchiha members-- they must find it out for themselves. It also requires Admin Approval, even when you've discovered it, before you can start training it(See Jutsu Creation Section for more on Training). As well as this, the user will end up completely blind after just two uses of this Jutsu.


Hyuuga Main Tree Rules
The "Eight Trigrams" Style can ONLY be used by members of the Main House, this means that all jutsu associated with the style CANNOT be learned by members of the Branch House, except by receiving training from a member of the Main House. The only way to join the Main House is to receive permission from the Hyuga Clan's Elder, however when there is no leader, or when the leader is inactive, permission can be granted by staff. A Roleplay Sample must be sent, as well as why you think you should be allowed in the Main House. Also, members of the Branch House can us the Byakugan for a camera-like mode of vision but with slight blurring and to see Chakra as well as the Rough Locations of the Chakra Points. However, members of the Main House can see through the Byakugan without any blurred vision, and can see the Precise locations of the Chakra Points.
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Uchiha and Hyuuga Guide
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