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 Forbidden Jutsu/Items list

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Forbidden Jutsu/Items list Empty
PostSubject: Forbidden Jutsu/Items list   Forbidden Jutsu/Items list Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 7:17 pm

The following is a list of Jutsu that may NOT be used by ANYONE by ANY means
- Flying Thunder God
- Mayfly
- Any variations of the normal Rasengan (Available to buy with Ryu)
- Any variations of the normal Chidori (Available to buy with Ryu)
- Orochimaru's Substitution
- Chubaku Tensei
- Phasing Jutsu(Madara's Technique)
- Impure World Resurrection
- Detachment Of The Primitive World
- Curse Mandala
- Leech Of All Creation - Attack preventing Technique
- Lightning Release Armor
- Hydration Body
- Edo Tensei
- Sage Mode/Jutsu
- 100 Puppets' Performance
- Time and/or Space based Jutsu
- Shinra Tensei

The Following Is A List Of Jutu That Can Be Used With Special Permission
- Chidori(Basic Version ONLY)
- Rasengan(Basic Version ONLY)
- Rin'negan
- Starting off with 3-Tomoe Sharingan
- Eight Celestial Gates

The Followng Is A List Of Clans That Can Be Joined With Special Permission
- Jashin
- Hyuuga Main House

The Following Is A List Of Items That Can NOT Be Used By ANYONE, Except For The Ones With Stars Which Can Be Granted With Special Permission
- Chakra Armour
- Chakra Receivers*
- Soldier Pills*
- Canon Weapons
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Forbidden Jutsu/Items list
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